Thoughts on just discovered brilliant band “Peace”

Hey, guys! I’m sitting in Vilnius – Kaunas train, trying to find something new to listen… and here they are! In this rainy Lithuanian weather, truly uplifting Peace boys with not such a peaceful sound. I don’t mean to call them unpeaceful but they’re kind of challenging not to be bored. Fresh and young, their music sounds really flirty! Maybe it’s also nostalgia to summer cause one of their songs called Higher Than The Sun. The other one I absolutely loved is Bloodshake. You can check out Bloodshake video here:


Feel like a teenager who suddenly starts looking for facts about the band and of course every little thing about the vocalist. So I can tell you now that they’re from UK, started playing in 2009. Their first single, Follow Baby, was self released in 2012. So I guess you could say they started as real indie rock band.

Thoughts on just discovered brilliant band "Peace"

Harry Koisser (vocals), who you can also call Harrison, formed a band with his brother Sam (bass guitar) so it’s just like Kings of Leon – family based band. The rest of the Peace band “family” consists of guitarist Doug Castle and drummer Dom Boyce.

Peace online:


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P.S. There is always something behind the lyrics…




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