Another amazing discovery – Bombay and their new album

Amsterdam based indie rock trio Bombay is the band that I am obsessed about right now. Why Bombay? First of all, I love post-punk. And even though there might be arguments about the genre, song Dolly Doesn’t Want to Face the Facts totally has that kind of energy. Their newly released album called Show Your Teeth has a nostalgic loner sound that I’ve missed so much. From the album cover you can tell that it has something to do with anger or disappointment. Actually it’s associated with one of the members leaving the band. Linda van Leeuwen has passed the drums to Lisa Ann Jonker while Bombay was still working on their new material.



I don’t think you could put Bombay under one genre only. All of the songs from Show Your Teeth have different sounding. For example, Love Your Enemies is light, funky and upbeat. While Gold Rush, is gloomy, with a melody rushing somewhere just like people are rushing to live, makes you feel restless, the beat reminds me of Young Folks by Peter, Bjorn & John. The last one I wanted to mention is Slow Motion, with it’s fast-rave-sound makes you wanna dance and admit that it’s at least the discovery of the month, if not a year.

Bombay is:

Mathias Janmaat – vocals, guitars
Gijs Loots – bassguitar
Lisa Ann Jonker – drums

Band location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tour dates

Bombay online:


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P.S. There is always something behind the lyrics…




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