Interview: Soon to be UK’s number one – King No-One

Although, our interview took only about 15 minutes, I came out even more certain about my decision to quit normal job and start writing about music. King No-One are no ordinary 20 year olds. Passionate about their music and ambitious to go further once they conquer UK hearts, they are striking indie music scene.




King No-One is:

Zach Lount – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Joe Martin – Lead Guitar, Backing vocals
James Basile – Drums, Backing vocals
Alex Townsley – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals


The show was amazing, I had so much fun. Thanks, guys! So going down to business, gonna start with a serious one. Do you sing in a shower?

Joe, Zach: Oh god yeah! All the time! We love the acoustics there!

What a coincidence – I do too! Maybe I could be in your band…

Alex: The question is – what do you sing?

I am actually singing Kings of Leon songs mostly, speaking about them, did you copy the name??

All together: No!!! We didn’t copy the name, it’s totally different meaning.

So what is the meaning behind King No-One?

Zach: It’s actually really simple – everybody’s equal.

I love it. Ok, guys, here goes another serious one. Do you believe people landed on the moon?

Joe: We’ve landed on the Moon before but maybe not the first time we saw it.

Alex: No.

Zach: I don’t think the Moon exists! I think they just bring a picture every night thinking we’re going to believe it – “There you guys, here’s a bit of a proof that night time exists!”.

I bet you’re the inspirational one, Zach. So speaking about inspirations, where do you get it from? How did you decide to become a band?

Zach: Easy…easy question. I saw them in my dream, we were all on stage, having a time of our lives. So I thought to myself – “I am going to find these guys” and then the next day I saw Joe walking, not to be rude – he was big! 

Joe: I was a delivery man.

Zach: He was really big! I said “Joe, I’ve seen you in my dream, follow me!” and he followed. Then, the next day I saw Alex, he was really in shape!

Alex: I was a professional footballer.

Zach: I knew it was him. His hair was ridiculous, looked like Spike Milligan. I said – “Take my hand and follow me!”

Alex: He was convincing.

Zach: So we were travelling as three now. I didn’t expect to meet James, I lost my hope but then I went to Italy for holidays. I was eating vegan lasagna (yeah…I know!) and there was this guy who served it, he was 2,5 foot tall but I didn’t laugh, it wasn’t funny. He gave me lasagna and said “I am the one”. I looked at him and said “But you aren’t meant to look like that”, he said “I know, I’ve been waiting for you for 10 years”. Suddenly, he shot up to probably 5,8 foot, he was a beautiful man! I thought to myself – “Yeah, he is the guy!”. So that’s our story, now we’re all together.

That’s such a cool story!

All together: And all true!

Would you consider yourself as indie rock performers?

Zach: Maybe more like exciting indie pop! Alternative.

Are you planning any tours in Europe or anywhere else outside UK?

Zach: It’s something we would absolutely love to do but unfortunately, due to the budget restrictions, we’re going to grow in Britain first, get a good fan base all over the country, then it’s Europe next! I would go to Europe and Asia cause it’s completely different cultures.

Huge thanks to King No-One. It was lovely to meet you all and I really enjoyed the show.

King No-One online:


Tour dates

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P.S. There is always something behind the lyrics…




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