Interview: The Ocelots – twins making their way to the music scene


Hey boys and girls! This time around I decided to dig up Sunday Sessions and here’s what I found – The Ocelots, twins from Ireland. They amazed me with their voices… If I haven’t seen the video, I would think I am listening to much more experienced musicians and a bit older too.

The Ocelots is:

Ashley Watson – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Brandon Watson – Backing Vocals, Harmonica

Interview: The Ocelots - twins making their way to the music scene


1. When did you decide you’re going to become a band?

The moment we decided to be a band was sort of two stories. The first story is when we got suspended from school for a couple of days and decided to practice our Arctic Monkeys covers near the shop to see if we could make any money. The second part is when we entered the school talent show but didn’t win anything, I think that was the reason why we kept practicing. We decided to busk every Saturday and then one of the local pubs asked us to play every Tuesday so from knowing about 4 songs we ended up intensely learning a 2 hour cover set and started regularly gigging in all the pubs around Wexford. So I guess one led to another and here we’re – writing music, travelling and hoping to continue making it a career!

2. What kind of music do you prefer playing?

Our favourite things to play are either our own folk songs or really strange covers like songs from Abba, Gloria Gaynor or even The Pussycat Dolls. We usually play anything we are listening to at the moment, which is a lot of Tom Waits and Paul Simon!

3. Are you afraid of becoming famous?

We are very afraid to become famous. I mostly spend all my money on jellies and chocolate, so hopefully if we do get famous I’ll be a very happy person with lots of jellies and lots of chocolate. That’s all I look forward to. Playing Glastonbury would be pretty cool too. But the thought of the “fame” thing sort of scares me, it seems to take over people’s lives and inevitably make them different people than they were originally. We want to stay real and normal for as long as possible!

4. Tell us the most crazy story from your music experiences.

A crazy story, okay. Well, we’ve had the experience of playing to crowds or hundreds before and usually we get lucky with pretty great shows but one time we did this gig in the middle of nowhere in Ireland. We played a 2 hour set to 3 people – 2 deaf men and a barman. We actually did the whole gig and got the slowest most painful claps between each song from the barman. That was fun!

At the moment The Ocelots are back home recording and writing a lot. They have been recording a lot of new material in Windmill Lane, Dublin. After that boys are planning to keep on travelling around Europe, playing their music on streets’ corners, cafes and pubs. That’s what they love doing.

PS! It was Brandon answering the questions.

PPS! They won that school talent show the year after.

Hope you enjoyed reading it! Feel free to share the love for music by posting this on your favourite social media platform or find me on Instagram and Twitter.

P.S. There is always something behind the lyrics…




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