Interview: The Pink Elephant from Latvia

I have recently discovered an amazing psychedelic rock band called The Pink Elephant from Latvia. They were doing a Baltic tour and visited my hometown Kaunas. The tour was supporting their newly released album which was a big surprise to me and I’ll let you know why soon enough. They have made the decision that none of the new bands would have the courage to make. That decision was made to encourage people to socialize and share music together just like they used to a couple of decades ago. Check out the interview below to discover all about this mysterious new album.


The Pink Elephant is:

Edvards Broders – Vocals, guitar
Rūdolfs Ozols – Guitar
Alberts Levics – Bass guitar
Kalvis Sležis – Drums

Genres: Psychedelic Rock, Jazz and Blues


Since you call yourselves The Pink Elephant, I was wondering, where is your elephant?

Our elephant is now resting in one of our friend’s places, in a country house. Next year we might take him on a trip but we’ll announce more about it a bit later.

I’m not sure if you have noticed but Kaunas has one kick-ass pink elephant, you should totally consider him as a new band member or at least take a picture with him.

Yeah, we saw him, we’re actually considering it 😀


 How did you guys meet? Were you friends before?

I and Albert were friends from childhood, I met him when I was in a fifth grade and all the other guys…well, there’s this music school in Riga, they all met in Jazz department while I was studying in a different school and then one day we all met at a party. We all started talking and decided that we should try to jam together. So it got off from jamming in one of the rehearsal rooms in their school and later we decided – “Hey! It sounds good so why not make a band out of it”?

Where did the influence for psychedelic/jazz rock come from?

The whole psychedelic rock thing came out of us playing fusion type of music and we had to call it some kind of name to fit in the scene, so we decided that we sound closest to psychedelic rock bands.

What was the first song that you guys thought “Yeah, we do sound good, we could actually make it”?

I think it started with Sunshine’s Brother. I had an idea for awhile, then we tried jamming with it. I think that was our first song that we actually decided to put on the record. Before that, we had only a couple of silly songs that we just really liked to play but they never made it to the album.

Speaking about your new album, I’ve heard that you have released the Cassette Concert album which I think is just such an amazing idea! So whose idea was it? 

I had an idea that someday we could make an album of a special edition with cassettes and cassette players. I didn’t think we could make it like right now but then we started discussing it with our manager and he got very interested, so we decided that it’s the right time to do it.

I think it’s really amazing and since there are only 20 copies it is encouraging people to interact with each other.

Yeah, that was the main idea.

Do you have any idea where are all the cassette players right now?

Yeah, now we still know where all the cassette players are but we don’t know how it’s going to turn out because now we still keep track on social media, people are still active.

And what is the farthest place from Latvia it has gone so far?

Well, one guy told us he’s taking it to Mexico. So that is the farthest it has gone yet but we’re hoping that after 10 years someone will write us from somewhere like Brasil and say “Wow! I just got this cassette of yours!”, so in that way, I like this concept because it’s endless and will go on hopefully forever.

Do you have any pre-gig rituals that you do before the concert?

No, not really but we did start doing this vocal warming up thing and I think there’s an embarrassing video somewhere on the internet of us doing it. We only started it on this tour but it definitely helps on the stage.

Do your moms listen to your music?

Yes, our moms are our biggest fans. I think Kalvis’ mom has liked and shared all of our posts on Facebook.

And what about grandmothers?

Actually, my grandmother has enjoyed our latest album very much. She is from that kind of generation who loves classical, calm and mellow music so she really liked our newest album. But about the first one, she said it was too rocky for her.


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P.S. There is always something behind the lyrics…




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