Interview with amazing Sisters On Wire


Just before the first festival season got started, I had the opportunity to chat with a multicultural indie band called Sisters On Wire. They were playing in my home town Kaunas and I was blown away with their live performance. After the gig we hang out and I had the chance to ask them a couple of questions. The interview was alot of fun and felt like I was catching up with some old friends. This band truly deserve all the success that come their way.

Sisters On Wire is:

Oleg – Vocals, Guitar, Audio Engineering
Fil – Guitar
Gintas – Drums

Genres: Indie, Indie Rock, Soul, Pop


What’s the meaning of Sisters On Wire?

Oleg: When we started Sisters On Wire all the preparation took place in three separate places. Fil was living in London, Gintas living in Sauliai and I’m living in Vilnius. So we had three small studios arranging tracks and sending them to each other all over “the wire”. Then the sisters part, I don’t know really.
Fil: I think we were just jamming with ideas at the time, Brainstorming. We got tired after awhile looking for a name so we just decided “you know what lets just call it Sisters On Wire, it sound good” That’s it.
Oleg: The list was so big that we would go through it and each name sounded like a metal band or the band sounded like a blues band. Sister On Wire to us sounded like it could play anything Indie Rock, Pop, whatever it doesn’t tie you to any specific style.

How did you all get together as a band?

Oleg: Well, I’ve known Fil for half of my life. He’s actually the one who taught me to play guitar. Then Gintas, I met in the recording studio with his other band Bix. It was all organic we said “let’s play and try a few things see how it goes” then we asked if he would join us and he did.

How did you meet Ieva? 

Oleg: Well we were passing down the street and she was just there… Just kidding. We actually met Ieva while working at X Factor she was singing a lot of different covers in that project. I asked she if she wanted to sing back vocals. She recorded the first back vocals for Parallel World and Take My Hand and now that we are doing a lot more gigs we asked if she wanted to join us live. Now we sing together.

If we caught you singing in the shower, what would you be singing?

Oleg: Probably going to be some old stuff… Michael Jackson Thriller, Billie Jean that sort of stuff.
Ieva: It’s such a difficult question… the last song I think it would be from this year’s Euro Vision contest it was a Netherlands Song the country song.
Fil: Probably Ala Pugaciova she’s my favourite.
Gintas: It’s a very sensitive subject for me… I always like to sing with a lot of passion in the shower. I know one song very well. I love it so much but the people who sit outside the shower door they always complain that I am screeching in there. They just don’t understand how beautiful that song is so it’s too painful to answer this question.

What band would you love to open up for one day?

Fil: There is a lot of band you know, I think in our music you can hear a lot of influences like U2, Coldplay, Friendly Fires bit of Foo Fighters a lot of bits and pieces. Its normal you know, when you’re dealing with music you always have pieces of songs or sounds you’ve heard and it’s a mix of all of it.

Are you afraid of becoming famous?

Oleg: Yes, I think we actually are we don’t know how to hand all the money, cars and the woman. I think we want to stop playing for that reason. Just kidding.
Gintas: You should be afraid of these kind of things… Money… very much afraid… Cocaine… Good instruments too…Applause… I’m also afraid of this too.

Where to find Sisters On Wire:

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Also a special thanks to the Sisters On Wire for being so welcoming and so down to earth.


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