10 reasons why you have to experience Yaga Gathering 2016

I am sure you all started to think about the best summer festivals all over the world, maybe some of you already have visited your favourite one or at least have a ticket in your pocket. I’ve done my research too and the result of it – I am going to visit three festivals that I haven’t been before and share “Before and After” experiences with you. The first one I am going to talk about is Yaga Gathering 2016 – electronic music festival which also supports arts and alternative lifestyle. So here are my 10 reasons why you have to experience Yaga Gathering this year.

10 reasons why you have to experience Yaga Gathering 2016

  1.  The festival has thirteen years of history and every year it offers its attendees numerous health lectures, yoga, meditation sessions, promotes nature friendliness and responsible behaviour in nature.
  2. Up until now, there are no advertising beer tents, or anyone promoting their products, everything is based on sharing, loving and caring.
  3. This year there will be two music stages which will include live music bands, carefully selected reggae, dub and electronic music DJs. Among the most wanted is a well-known Banco de Gaia project from the United Kingdom that has won people’s hearts all over the world with its song Last Train to Lhasa.
  4. It’s the most foreign-friendly festival in Lithuania! Everybody comes here with an open mind and an open heart to share their ideas, make new friends. I think they even might have English speaking lecturers.
  5. I am very excited to try all those new things they’re going to teach you in lectures, especially meditating, practising yoga. It’s such an awesome opportunity to hear it from people who have done it most of their life.
  6. Among the most amazing performers, there will be Logic Bomb musical project, Gus Till / Slinky Wizard, Hutti Heita, Calamar Audio and others.
  7. This year’s festival promises an exceptionally large number of art projects and exhibitions. Audio and video installations, audio theatre performances and experimental electronics will create a magical atmosphere in the forest space.
  8. The chillout stage will also offer a great variety of high-quality music. Nag Champa is a musical project from Poland playing the didgeridoo, African drums and flutes during their performances and accompanies their music with vocals and beatboxing. Exotic sarangi will be played by Lo.Renzo, a performer from Italy.
  9. At the art gallery, you will find paintings, graphic and photography works by Lithuanian and other European artists. The spaces will be visually interconnected by open-air installations of professionals in various fields of art.
  10. And finally, the last but not the least – I feel like this is not a regular festival where you drink till you can’t remember anything and wake up in someone else’s tent, this is something much more special with exceptional audio, visual and spiritual motions and that’s why I am going to be there too!


Yaga Gathering 2016 festival will take place from July 28 to August 1 in the Ežeraitis forest, near the Spengla Lake in Varėna district (Lithuania). The slogan of this year’s festival is Morning glory – what a story. So all travellers and city dwellers, yogis and partygoers, artists and entrepreneurs, prepare your travel bags, tents and good mood! 🙂

Tickets can be purchased on the official website of the festival at www.yaga.lt

More information about the festival:







Pictures by Goodlife photography.

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P.S. There is always something behind the lyrics…





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