10 Amazing Rock bands from Lithuania (Part 1)

Lithuanian Rock Bands

I think everybody who’s reading my blog for at least second time knows how much I love my country. Even though I like to travel and explore music in foreign lands, I always come back and check what’s new in Lithuania. I don’t necessarily write about it straight away but I do listen and gather them all into one special place. I feel like now is the time to share the best ones discovered during the last couple of months or even years. This might help people interested in Lithuanian music, coming to visit/study/work here or maybe just looking for something new to listen. So here it is – My Lithuanian Rock TOP 10.

Frank Fitts

I’ve noticed that most of the best new Lithuanian bands tend to record in Ymir Audio and Frank Fitts is no exception. These guys are really young and even though their drummer is only 17 years old, they already have experience in writing, recording and performing their music. It’s because, Frank Fitts is not their first band, the first project was called The Wrong Note but since they started collaborating with Ymir Audio, Frank Fitts decided to change their name and narrow different genres to garage rock revival (at least that’s what they call it). So let’s check them out! P.S. Interview with these gents coming soon so watch out for it!


I actually got the recommendation to listen to Wolfsome from Sisters On Wire (they’re going to be in the list as well). You could totally say that this band took everyone by surprise 😀 After spending two years in a basement creating and recording music they came out in 2015 and won all of the new bands’ awards possible – LRT Opus, Golden Fish, also it took only 4 months for them to play in most famous music awards in Lithuania – M.A.M.A with all the experienced “old wolves” of Lithuanian music stage. Wolfsome was also picked up by Top Gear, they used “Electrified” song in one of their shows.


BA. has caught my attention a long time ago and I liked his music from the beginning till now but what has really changed in time is quality. Now it sounds more professional and not only the sound has changed, BA. has grown their fan base rapidly in the last two years. Their lyrics are very abstract so everyone can relate to something from BA. music, but mostly they’re loved by teenagers since most of the time their music sound really dark and vivid. Let’s say the first song on the EP called Kūną Palikai/Atsibudai (Left Your Body/Woke Up), it tells a story about the childhood/teenage years where you kinda feel like a grown up but in fact you’re just pretending to know everything, and only when you get some silver in your hair you start to understand, but the thing is that it’s too late because your own body feels like someone else’s.


Who said countryside is dying of boredom and nothing’s happening there? Well, these guys are from a small town called Šakiai and they’re far from boring. Fun fact – Šakiai has a population of 6000 people so I wouldn’t be surprised if Abudu band members would be the only young musicians in town. They actually have mentioned in one interview that they’re all very different but since it’s not much to choose from they have to stick together and work their way out. First time I saw them was when they were warming up The Pink Elephant and even though they were quite new, they had their own fans at the Orixo venue that night. Abudu is playing melodic psychedelic rock that sometimes goes into post-punk, so I guess that’s why I liked them.

Colours Of Bubbles

These guys are playing for nearly a decade and even though I knew about them before, Colours Of Bubbles really caught my attention when the album She Is the Darkness was released in 2016. The name of the album refers to all the love stories that didn’t go well, it’s like a tribute to the ladies who broke their hearts. I would say that from my list Colours Of Bubbles is the most recognised band in the music world. They have played nearly 250 concerts which include foreign countries as well as Lithuania, also foreign festivals such as well known Latvian rock festival Positivus.

As you have probably noticed it’s only 5 even though I have promised 10 😀 the next part is coming very soon! And what’s more, after second part I will share my very best Lithuanian TOP Rock playlist on Spotify, I am sure you will love it…

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P.S. There is always something behind the lyrics… oh, and don’t forget to listen to our new podcast series!




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