10 Amazing Rock bands from Lithuania (Part 2)

Hey, Music Lovers! This is the second part of 10 Amazing Rock bands from Lithuania where I share another TOP 5. Just a little warning – it’s not a competition so nobody will get the first place but since all the bands are very different, I am sure everyone will find something for their own kind of taste. This list is so varied that you may find punk rock, post-punk, psychedelic, alternative, electronic, indie or even garage rock in it. If you can’t find the genre I’ve just mentioned, it might be in Part 1. So, there you have it! Enjoy it, love it, share it and of course listen to it! 😉

10 Amazing Rock bands from Lithuania (Part 2)

SOLO ansamblis

You would never guess but these guys are actually professional actors and they’re recording music in their spare time. Since most of the actors tend to sing poetry or something similar to that, it’s really surprising that this ‘SOLO ensemble’ developed into a post-punk/electronic music band. They have actually mentioned in one of their interviews that when they are performing on stage as musicians they let the music speak for itself, it’s like a getaway from being very expressive which they tend to do a lot while acting. I recommend SOLO ansamblis to the listeners who misses electronic music from the 90s, cause they do sound like landed from the past and I mean it in a good way. I would even say they have some industrial spices as well as electronic ones. So be open and check them out!

Sisters On Wire

Not truly hard rock, Sisters On Wire land somewhere nicely between alternative and indie rock. First of all, I would like to say they’re really awesome live and I recommend you to check them out while it’s still warm and nice out here in Lithuania. The band agrees they’re inspired and sounds pretty similar to U2, Coldplay or Friendly Fires, so compared to other bands on this list they’re more likely to catch your attention when you’re in need for some easy listening. It was mentioned in my previous interview with them that Sisters On Wire name symbolises the beginning of the band, when they were all living in different cities, sharing the ideas and samples “on wire”, or how we would call it – The Internet. To this day their most listened song is Parallel World, let’s give it a try!


Abii is newly created, really fresh and ambitious band. The name of it explains it all since in Lithuanian abi means both. This is a multitasking duo, and I am saying this because while you listen to Abii you can hear drums, guitar, electronics and vocals, which is pretty amazing. They are singing both Lithuanian and English, I wonder which language they will choose when recording new stuff but let’s (maybe?) leave it for the future interview. Speaking about the lyrics, first of all – yes, they write it themselves, but what’s more interesting is that they’re writing from an imaginary person’s perspective and what’s even more interesting – it’s a woman. That sounds mysterious, doesn’t it? But how did I find them? They debuted at music contest called “Garažas” which nominates newly formed bands, not surprisingly they won the first place. Speaking about the style, they would both agree it lands between alternative and electronic rock.


Jauti also debuted at the contest Garažas and actually was battling with Abii, respectfully won second place and was just as much noticed and glorified. The meaning of their name is obvious – they’re writing what they’re feeling (Jauti – Feel). It’s much harder to define Jauti genre and even though they’re using guitars, it doesn’t sound like classic rock, maybe arty indie rock. I am saying arty partly because of their lyrics and sound but also because of the way they look. They’re wearing these cute sweaters in most of their videos and using metaphors in their lyrics like “I will drown in your eyes” which makes them sound dreamy and romantic, in a nice and cosy way. Just give it a try, I am sure you’ll love it. I would define their listener as a picky indie seeker.


Very dark, very lonely, very industrial, poetic and underground. Even though, most of the time he borrows texts from someone else, OBŠRR deserves all the credit for the way he puts it together. Most of his songs sound like poems rolled into a futuristic industrial blanket which is very interesting to me but not for the majority of listeners in Lithuania. This guy doesn’t want to become popular and does everything not to get there, he evaluates and chooses the events he wants to participate in, so if you want to see him live, I can assure you – it won’t be that simple. To be honest, there’s no particular meaning under the name OBŠRR, it actually changes every time someone asks him, in his words, it’s “pronounceable but inappropriate for chanting”. Speaking about the genre – not very much rock as we know it but very much suitable for Gothic kinda rock fans.

I have promised you Spotify playlist but since most of the songs from this list are available only on YouTube I made playlist there. Check it out – Best of Lithuanian Rock.

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