Interview: Wolfsome say they’ve learnt their lessons

“We’re not kids anymore, we’ve learnt our lessons” – a bold statement from the lead singer Martynas Krasnovas, a statement we would have to agree with. Wolfsome have learnt their lessons and learnt them well. They basically emerged out of nowhere after taking almost two years recording their first album Origin.412.

Interview wolfsome

After hearing their album for the first time, I got excited because I couldn’t believe that this was a Lithuanian band, I felt immensely proud. Lithuania hasn’t seen any new classic rock bands for some time, or as I would say, hasn’t seen one as good as Wolfsome.

It seemed whenever we had the opportunity to see Wolfsome play live we would always either just miss them or we would be out of town, our paths never seemed to cross. We first got to meet them and see them play at Roko Naktys festival last summer. It was well worth the wait.

Wolfsome is:

  • Martynas Krasnovas – vocals/guitar
  • Gytis Capkauskas – guitar
  • Lukas Rimkevicius – bass
  • Benas Muntrimas – drums

Stand out tracks:


What were your biggest influences growing up?

Lukas: It’s all really different, like some of us are into classic rock.
Gytis: Yeah, classic rock, blues rock, the old stuff.
Martynas K.: Led Zeppelin, they’re number one for me.
Lukas: Martynas has a bit of an edge for grunge.
Martynas K.: Well, I listen to a lot of different genres to be honest.

Now that you say that, I can actually pick up some of it in a song “Sugar”. Speaking about “Sugar”, is there a true story behind it?

Gytis: Let’s just keep it a secret, I guess.

People want to know!

Lukas: Come on, we just met you guys!

Since you launched yourselves onto Lithuanian music scene, you won all possible Lithuanian music awards – LRT Opus, Golden Fish, you played at M.A.M.A awards, that’s pretty huge for a new band, right?

Lukas: Yeah, not to brag, but also “Top Gear”, you know…

How did the Top Gear thing happen? Did you guys find them or did they find you?

Martynas K.: We were actually working with a cameraman from Vilnius, he found us at Loftas fest and he came to us because he knew another guy who worked for Top Gear as a freelancer.
Gytis: The Top Gear guy was filming a video for a Hyundai rally car and was looking for some local music to use for the background, so the Lithuanian camera man recommended us.
Lukas: It happened that he actually used it not for that particular video but for Top Gear instead, which worked out even better for us.

Some of the bands tend to name their instruments, do you guys name yours?

Martynas K.: Yeah, I made a custom guitar and I let my girlfriend name it. She came up with Baby Blues. It actually happened a few days ago.
Lukas: I have a really awesome name for my bass riff – it’s rock bass, I like to keep it original 😀

Are you all from Kaunas? Would it be different if you were living, let’s say in Vilnius?

All together: Yeah, we’re all from Kaunas.
Gytis: Kaunas was always more into Rock’n’Roll, Vilnius is more like jazz, funk and groovy stuff, I would say.

Do your moms, dads or grandmothers listen to your music?

Gytis: Yeah, my grandmother does and she’s 82. She doesn’t understand the lyrics or listen to Rock’n’Roll but she said she loved it.
Benas: My dad too, he was listening to lots of glam rock while I was growing up, like Whitesnake, Bon Jovi so he’s into our music. He’s bragging about me to his friends 😀
Lukas: I once brought my father to Granatos show, it was first time for him to see us live because he lives in London but he’s a huge fan.
Martynas K.: My parents never used to care about what I do and I always used to say that I’m going to make it. I even remember telling my mom “You will see me on TV one day” and she was like “Yeah, fine, go eat your dinner”. And then they saw me in M.A.M.A awards, that’s a big deal for them.

How was the recording process for you? Why did it take so long?

Benas: The thing is, those two years weren’t only for recording, we were actually trying to decide what our sound is going to sound like and what kind of message we are going to send to our listeners.

Did you have a set time frame to finish recording the album or did you just take your time?

Martynas K.: We were taking our time because we wanted to make a product, we didn’t want to come out with three or four songs.
Benas: We wanted to have at least 45 minutes set so we could fully Rock’n’Roll the shit out of the crowd.
Lukas: And no fucking covers, we really wanted to respect the listener. It’s a pity when you’re at main festivals and they put tribute bands on the same stage with other bands.

When you play live, you obviously enjoy it more than recording process, so what’s the best thing about playing live?

Gytis: Feeling the crowd, basically it feels a whole lot different than the recording process. When you’re recording, you’re sitting alone, trying to play technically and when you’re playing live you’re just rocking out, having fun.
Martynas K.: It’s a huge challenge because every time you’re on a different stage, it sounds different and the crowd is different.
Lukas: It’s about communicating not only between us, sound engineer, but also communicating with the crowd, you have to find the connection.

How was your first ever gig?

Lukas: It was at Rafes – Kaunas, one of the biggest student festivals in Lithuania. We got to open it and it was nice but since it was really early (in the day) there weren’t so many people, we took it as a practice session.
Martynas K.: Even though there were only a few people near the stage, I think we still did good.

What is the meaning behind your album name and cover?

Martynas K.: I can talk about the name, Origin.412. Origin is the start of everything so it’s our first album and 412 is the number on our record studio door.

Seriously? That’s a great fun fact.

Lukas: You know Darwin Origin of species? So our album is kinda like that, because every song is different, it has different vibes and different influences and it evolves, just like evolution, and that’s why we decided to put the skull on the cover, you know like from an old encyclopedia.

Finally, the last question, where people can find your music?

Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, iTunes, pretty much everywhere. We also have our page where we put our upcoming gigs, news and everything else.

The last time I spoke to Wolfsome vocalist Martynas, he was saying they’re up to something new. Right now they’re recording second studio album and it’s going to be more blues than classic rock which got me hooked, I can’t wait to hear it. Massive thanks once again to Wolfsome for the interview and for being so open and honest.

You can find Wolfsome at the following sites.

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P.S. There’s always something behind the lyrics… oh, and don’t forget to listen to our new podcast series.


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