Interview: Unforgettable Bleached

Like all good albums, the first moment you hear it you just know you’ve stumbled upon something really special. These types of albums have a way of finding you when you need it. I recall the very first moment I heard Bleached – Welcome The Worms, it was the perfect storm, like getting hit by a wave of something exciting and something I’ve been missing all that time.


The album is solid from top to bottom and it’s clear that the band feel passionate about it. Welcome The Worms is a mix of important issues, personal emotions, attitude and catchy hooks that seem to make all the lyrics hammer home.

We got to see Bleached, the Los Angeles based band, play live at Beta in Copenhagen during their European tour this past summer, the gig was everything we hoped for and more. Bleached is really one of our stand out bands from 2016. It was loads of fun not only getting to interview them but also getting to hang out with them for a bit.

Bleached is:

Stand out tracks:

  • Sour Candy – WE LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!
  • Keep On Keepin’ On
  • Sleepwalking
  • Trying to Lose Myself Again
  • Wasted On You


How did you come together as a band? Old friends? Fate? Or just luck?

Jess: Well, Jen and I are sisters. We’ve been playing music since high school, junior high maybe?
Jen: Yeah, and then we met Micayla through a mutual friend, we were looking for a bassist and we kinda played with a lot of different bassists that just kept falling through, then we met Micayla and it worked, so that’s why we are all still together. We just click.
Jess: Yeah, it just works really really well.
Micayla: I understand the struggle because we went through so many drummers, they were all great and I loved each of them but it takes a special person that is dedicated and wants the best for everybody.
Jess: Yeah, Nick is really special. He pulls everyone together and I think you need that. 

Apart from missing family and friends. What’s the hardest thing about touring? 

Jen: I think the hardest thing, at least when going from US to Europe, is the jet lag. Our body clocks are so off it takes awhile to adjust.


What was the first song you guys, as a band, wrote/played and thought “We sound pretty good; we could make something out of this”?

Micayla: “Sour Candy” has worked, well, I’d say.
Jen: Yeah I think for the three of us, “Sour Candy” for sure.

Do your moms/dads/grandparents listen to your music?
Jess: They’re our number one fans!
Jen: Yeah, our mom even goes on Facebook and answers other peoples’ questions.
Micayla: My mom is just really excited, sending messages that are excited, like – “Way to go, I saw you on Seth Meyers, woohoo!” but their mom…it’s just on another level.
Jen: I feel like if we had a fan club she would run it, she’s sooo excited. She would be the queen of the fan club.
Jess: Then our dad, I feel, is finally approving of one of our bands. We’re getting very serious with Bleached, this is what we want to do for long. Our dad is a very intelligent musician, so for him to say I really like these songs is something that’s really cool for us.
Micayla: My parents love it, both my mom and dad really love it, so it’s nice.

Do you ever bring your parents to the live shows?

Jess: They’ll come to the LA gigs for sure.
Micayla: I think, if they weren’t invited they would be so offended. They love it! They’re always like “Ok, I got my ticket”.


Do you guys have a moment or a song while growing up that changed everything for you musically? 

Jess: I remember getting a Velvet Underground tape with the song Rock & Roll on it from a good neighbor, a family friend Jen and I knew. I remember listening to a lot of punk at that time but I remember getting that tape and he was like “THIS IS PUNK” and I was like “Oh… ok” and I put it in my jambox. The first song was Rock & Roll and I remember thinking “Oh my god”. I felt like the lyrics were relating to what was happening at the time “Jenny said, when she was just five years old, there was nothing happening at all…” and I was like this is my life right now! So yeah Rock & Roll by Velvet Underground. I think that was just before high school.
Micayla: For me, I remember it was in the 90s and I was watching VHS, you know those tapes. I finished watching a movie and a TV show came on that put The Beatles on. I was watching it and thinking “What is this band, they’re so amazing!”. I remember watching it over and over again, asking my dad “so… The Beatles?” and he was like “Yeah they’re a great band”. But my dad wasn’t that much into The Beatles, he was like “The Stones are better but The Beatles are okay”. I just fell in love with the whole look, the four of them, hair and everything. It was funny because it was the look that all the girls fell in love with, you know? I was 13 and so in love with them but even later on it never went away so it was a little isolating in the fact that no one else was feeling the same way anymore and it wasn’t part of my generation. So yeah that kind of got me into music where I was like “I have to learn every song on the guitar, then bass and know the harmonies”.
Jen: Do you remember Fiona Apple? She was really big on MTV in the 90s. She had this bad girl thing going on. I remember watching MTV and her video for Criminal came on, it’s kind of like a “bad” video and I was like “What is this?”. I’m still obsessed with Fiona Apple to this day. I don’t know why but I feel like that really made me feel connected to her, I still feel that way.

Welcome The Worms is one of those albums we just can’t get enough of, we really had an unforgettable time seeing Bleached play live and interviewing them was the highlight of 2016 for us, it was totally worth the flight from Vilnius to Copenhagen. We hope you enjoyed reading the interview. Also hope you will take the time to listen to the album. Huge thanks to Bleached for being so chilled and easy to talk to during our interview.

Get social and learn more, Bleached at the following sites:

Finally, a very special thanks to Cameron Pagett who also attended the gig and was kind enough to let us use his photos, he’s an immensely talented photographer and an all around nice guy. Check him out below.

IG: @sklauridsen


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