Interview: Wild Forest and their single Spinning Gold

“Like a call from the depths of the northern woods and like an echo sounding among the peaks of the mountain ranges, the music of five friends, collectively known as WILD FOREST, will take you on a journey through time and space and into the great unknown.” – Wild Forest


It took 34 seconds to get hooked on Wild Forest, I came by the band via their song Spinning Gold. It’s such a beautiful slice of modern folk balladry that one can’t help but take notice. There’s something weirdly wonderful yet bewitchingly beautiful to this single. It’s hard not to get hooked.

The band, I’ve been told, have all been playing (and living) together for years but only recently started Wild Forest. They’ve definitely been doing their homework, as Spinning gold could have easily fooled you into thinking it’s been written by a band who have been together for years.

Based in the countryside of Copenhagen they draw influences from a wide range of genres rock, folk and even the seventies hold a very special place in this bands hearts. It’s been a long time since a single like this has caught my attention, I’m very much excited to see what the future holds for Wild Forest. For now, however we have an extremely honest and fun interview they did for us recently. Enjoy!

Wild Forest is:

Rasmus Møller – Vocal & Guitar
Frederik Hvenegaard – Guitar
Marie Antonie – Drums
Lasse Solevad – Bass
Ned Gale – Organ & Keys

Stand Out Tracks


How did you come together as a band? Old friends? Fate? Or just luck?

Rasmus: Probably a mix of the three.
Marie: I’m pretty sure it was fate.
Frederik: Fate!
Lasse: Rasmus and I had a friend in common who introduced us. She knew we both liked music. Rasmus knew Marie who played the drums, and invited her over for some jamming. Fred often hung out with us and listened, so when he one day picked up a guitar, he was in. Since we spent so much time together anyway, we just moved in together. And Ned joined us a couple of years later.

We love Spinning Gold, how did that song come about?

Rasmus: It pretty much wrote itself. We drank some beers, and then it kind of wrote itself.
Marie: It was summer, we were doing a lot of barbecues, going to the beach, and playing music.
Rasmus: One day Fred had come up with this idea for a new song. It wasn’t called Spinning Gold back then.
Frederik: Rasmus and I tried it out together at first, and then the whole band did some rearranging and jamming, and then it all kinda came together. It was pretty quick.

You mentioned the band all lives together on a farm; do you think that influences the way you write and record your music? Would it be different if you all lived in the city in separate places?

Lasse: None of us grew up in a big city. We tried living in the city, but even then, we drove out to the countryside to rehearse and create music.
Ned: It’s great when we’re recording. An isolated farm in the countryside allows you to focus on the music. There’s not that many distractions out here.
Frederik: In some way we’re isolated out here. We’re only influenced by the people and music we seek out ourselves. I’d like to think that’s why our sound differs from other bands.
Rasmus: We’ve become a rather close-knit group.

Who’s idea was it to move to the countryside?

Frederik: Mine and Lasse’s – a long while back.
Lasse: I don’t remember that.

What albums/songs have you been listening to lately?

Lasse: Jethro Tull and Leonard Cohen.
Frederik: Lately, Nick Cave, but I generally listen to a lot of new music.
Ned: Yeah, always on the lookout for new stuffAnd I’ve been busy working on my solo project as well.
Rasmus: If I Could Only Remember My Name by David Crosby
Marie: Glen Hansard and Bruce Springsteen.

What 3 records would you take with you on a deserted island? 

Lasse: Do we have to agree on just 3? That could turn ugly pretty quickly.
MarieLet’s just say three each!
Lasse:Quadrophenia’, a Bob Dylan album, and ‘Kaya’! – Who’ll say Led Zeppelin 1-2-3?
Marie: ‘Songs for the Deaf’, Electric Light Orchestra’s ‘Out of the Blue’ and Springsteen live at Hammersmith ’75.
Rasmus: Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark side of the Moon’ would be great to bring. ‘Couldn’t Stand the Weather’ by SRV and the first Dire Straits album.
Frederik: I’m thinking ‘Binaural’ (Pearl Jam), ‘Orphans’ (Tom Waits) and… maybe ‘Desire’ (Bob Dylan). But it’s a tough decision.

Do your Moms/Dads/Grandparents listen to your music?

RasmusYep, and they like it!
Lasse: Yes, I think they do.

If you could have lunch with any person, living or dead who would it be? what would you order?

Rasmus: Hamburgers with Bruce Springsteen – I think that would be cozy.
Ned: Isn’t he a vegetarian?
Lasse: I’m thinking more like hamburgers with Hunter S. Thompson.
Frederik: Eggs and sausage with Tom Waits, and coffee and cigarettes.
Lasse: Bob Dylan could be fun as well – you wouldn’t know what to expect. I wouldn’t mind just sitting and zoning out with Bob Dylan.

What are your future plans? Touring? Record release? More music?

Lasse: We have a new single coming out in December.
Rasmus: Yeah, and next year there’s gonna be more touring, hopefully in a few different European countries, and then we’re going to work on writing some more songs for an EP.

There’s something really wonderful about Wild Forest. They have proved to be a powerful band, whose single Spinning Gold is, without a doubt, a genuine piece of magic. I am so happy they took the time to give us an interview and I’m also looking forward to further releases (another single out 28th December). Big thanks to Wild Forest!

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Finally, photo credits to Franco Hansen.


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