Amber Lamps Debut Album ‘Plaidypuss’

Our friends, Amber Lamps, has just released their debut album Plaidypuss and we are listening to it non-stop these days. Especially to the single Between The Lines. Who said punks are dead? We’re going to prove you wrong on this new section, where we’ll feature punk rock bands from all over the world.

Punks not dead: Amber Lamps debut album Plaidypuss

Now, more about the Amber Lamps. Band says they worked with legendary mastering engineer Scott Hull on the Plaidypuss, and they are extremely proud of their debut record. They also mentioned that above all, Amber Lamps value their lyrics. Formed as a one-off high-school graduation party cover band, the Amber Lamps slowly expanded and transformed into what they are today: a trio of punk-rock-loving musicians writing catchy hooks with aggressive guitars and killer bass.

Amber Lamps is:

Brian Greene – Guitar, Vocals
Eddie James – Bass, Vocals
Steve Roscigno – Drums

Amber Lamps online:



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