The Lion & The Wolf Premieres New Music Video

The Lion and The Wolf is the performing moniker of Thomas George. Thomas has been creating and touring relentlessly since quitting his job in January 2014. The song ‘Walk On The Moon’ comes from his second album – The Cardiac Hotel’. It was expedited and creatively driven by Thomas’s dad getting sick, the songs pouring forth as they tend to do when a loved one’s future is uncertain.

Speaking of the idea behind the one shot video, Thomas George said, “This video was filmed in the front room of the house I’m currently living in. I called in some favours from friends who lived nearby, so everybody in the video took part out of the kindness of their own hearts and in their own time. I think this was the 4th or 5th take and we made it up as we went along. As a result, the video is by no means perfect or done precisely, but that’s something I love about it. It also reflects the song well, as we didn’t use a click track or any digital plug-ins on the record, so you can hear the nuances throughout.”

Fun fact: Thomas didn’t actually know how to play ukelele (hence his surprise / confusion when it’s being handed to him), but by the time they had gotten to the final take he could play the chords to the song which he was pretty chuffed about.

Folk tales: The Lion & The Wolf brand new video!

When we asked Thomas to tell us more about the song and a process of recording it, he was very open and honest: “Walk on the Moon is probably the song that best bridges my first LP, ‘Symptoms’, with the new album – it’s certainly the most upbeat. The track, just like the rest of the album – was recorded without click track in an analogue studio on the Isle of Wight. In keeping with the IOW theme, we sampled an old tannoy announcement from a 12″ record that contained songs solely to do with transport on the Island. It felt really random to do it but it fit so well that we ended up keeping it. The piano riff towards the end I came up with randomly when I was on tour in Holland – I just started whistling the riff and recorded it quickly onto my iPhone. It is probably the most “IKEA” advert-sounding piece I’ve ever written. The song is about aiming for something and not stopping until you get there. I’ve always wanted to be able to tour the world and now I’m at a point where that is starting to happen so it made sense to be the next single.”

The Lion And The Wolf – ‘The Cardiac Hotel’ is out now and available on CD, LP and Digital Download:

The Lion And The Wolf online:



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