TIGERCUB Announce New Single Release

Hotly tipped Brighton alt-noise-pop trio Tigercub is pleased to announce the release of their new single ‘Control’ on 7th February 2017, the latest track to be taken from their critically acclaimed debut album Abstract Figures in The Dark.

A timely polemic on the current political climate, front man Jamie Hall explains of the inspiration behind the single: “As the world lurches to the right wing, and the flame of neo-liberal capitalism burns on all we have left is our own moral compass to guide us through these dark waters – I’m proud there are millions of people who want a progressive world and know that someday we will get it.
I was born out of the wreckage of a failed marriage. I am my own first world problem. I grew up with abnormalities both physically and mentally in an ex-mining town in Northern England and it’s simultaneously my biggest regret and my glowing pride. Everyone is telling me this won’t work but I just don’t care anymore…
‘Control’ is about swallowing your bile and saying absolutely nothing even though you know it’s rotting you away from the inside. Constantly held hostage by over thinking and second guessing, I’m riding the stairway to apathy and I want to get off now.”



The album and single are already picking up a swathe of support at BBC Radio One, with daytime love from Clara Amfo, Daniel P Carter naming ‘Control’ as his Rockest Record. One of the most accurate descriptions of Tigercub we found on music site UP SET – “Wise beyond its years…” . We’re very much convinced by that since the lyrics are so political and personal at the same time.


Tigercub are:

Jamie Hall – lead vocals and guitar
James Allix – drums
Jimi Wheelwright – backing vocals and bass

Tigercub online:





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