Monday Mixtape 001

bhindthelyrics - Monday Mixtape 001

Welcome to the first edition of a new section at Bhindthelyrics called Monday Mixtape. The idea behind this section is to inject some excitement back to the “potholes of life” we call Monday. Our mixtapes will be around an hour long and will typically feature new music that we have discovered and are listening to at the moment.

This playlist is an audio infused goodie bag which features bands from all over the globe. Electronic rock from South Africa, punk from USA, some indie from Brighton in UK and a little bit of pop rock from France to name a few.

Listen and enjoy your Monday.


Black Honey • Hello Today
Yellow Red Sparks • My Machine Gun
Crooked Coast • Go Back
Sisters On Wire • Ride
Wild Forest • Spinning Gold
Amber Lamps • Bitter Ride
Medicine Boy • E.V.I.L
Granville • Le Slow
Sannie Fox • Hang High
Nudozurdo • Mil Espejos


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