Interview: Sisters On Wire and their New Album

“Building sonic bridges through British indie melancholy, synth pop, American arena rock punches and our mysterious Eastern European souls.” – Sisters On Wire

Sisters On Wire – one of our oldest friends in the BhindTheLyrics history, has released their debut LP Never Turn The Lights Off at the end of 2016. We decided to ask them how this release was different from previous ones. Also we were interested in other changes in band’s dynamics – new drummer Marius. So we sat down to talk to Fil about the recent replacement and Sisters On Wire future plans.

Sisters On Wire is:

Oleg Jerochin – Vocals, Piano, Guitar
Fil Gusev – Guitar
Marius Oršauskas – Drums

Stand Out Tracks:

Parallel World
Your Eyes


Interview: Sisters On Wire and their New Album



Has the recording process for you as a band changed over time? Do you think your sound changed?

With regards to recording, we don’t think it has changed too much. Usually we have some demos, do simple arrangements and then one day we meet and go through all the material. Then we select the tunes which would fit the record, Oleg works on putting everything together and Fil usually writes lyrics. We record instruments separately but Oleg does most of the recording and then mixing and mastering. If we talk about sound – then, yes, it has changed, it has become more ‘poppy’ and dreamy, let’s say, with less of a rock backbone. More synths appeared on the record, there’s more ‘soul’ edge on the album which we think has been brought by Ieva’s vocals. There are also more piano riffs comparing to guitar parts.

We noticed the band changed drummer recently, what led to that? And has it changed the band dynamic?

Yes, we’ve got Marius now. It was all good with Gintas, he is a great drummer and a great personality too but he is constantly involved in many other projects and he lives in Siauliai, which is pretty far. So, it reflected on our rehearsing schedule, we didn’t practice as much as the band. On the other hand, Marius is local and he is a good, old friend, so we do practice a lot more now and communication between us definitely has improved.

Why the title “Never turn the lights off”? 

Well, there is a bit of concept involved in this title. All the record is a kind of step into the past, it appeals to the spirit of ‘youth’. The title implies that it is important to see the world with young person’s eyes – optimistically, without cynicism and distrust, believing in better, being excited about the future and no matter what living without schemes and ‘fear’ of tomorrow. It’s about being brave to move on, losing something but starting over again. We think it’s crucial to have this kind of attitude, keeping our inner lights switched on all the time – so we are moving forward, seek our dreams and there is always a place for love and hope in our lives. All songs in some degree are united by this concept.

What’s your favourite song from the album?

Probably You and I, Your Eyes and The Believer would be 3 which stand out for me (Fil).

Were there any songs that didn’t make the album? 

We had a lot of demos, but we chose the best tunes which we thought were the right ones and would make an organic record.

We remember Ieva from the live performances, was she part of the recording process? 

Yes, Ieva provided back vocals on all the tracks of the album. On ‘You and I’ – she has a leading vocal part and it sounds great. She is a really great singer and we feel that her vocals are becoming stronger and stronger with each time. She has a lot of potential which will be showing itself.

Do you all get together and write lyrics or is it a separate process?

Well, Fil writes most of the lyrics. Sometimes Oleg has a chorus done or some phrases. It makes a starting point for Fil, so he then works on the rest.

Where was the album recorded?

The whole album was recorded in Oleg’s studio STELLAR RECORDS in Vilnius. 90% of it mixed and mastered by Oleg himself.

What are band’s future plans?

Future plans are more or less obvious. Promoting the record, playing more gigs comparing to previous year and then hitting as many summer festivals as we can.   Spring 2017 – start working on new material. One thing which is definitely not in our plans is stopping and taking a break.


Sisters On Wire - Never Turn The Lights Off


It’s not our first interview with Sisters On Wire, so if you’re interested you can find out more about them here.

Sisters On Wire online:


Huge thanks to Sisters On Wire for taking their time to do this interview. And thank you for reading! Feel free to share the love for music by posting this on your favourite social media platform. You can also follow along our adventures on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.



Photo credit: Rytis Šeškaitis.



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