Interview: Raw and Gritty – The Pearl Harts

w:”Tiny tiny girls that looked like giants on stage… all you can think to do is ask them out for ice cream – and all they want to do is wreck your house and firebomb your car….”

Interview with The Pearl Harts

The Pearl Harts, a female blues driven rock duo based in London, have just released a new single Hit The Bottle from their forthcoming album. Last summer they played Roko Naktys festival in Lithuania, where we had the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with them.

Although relatively unknown in Lithuania, the girls took the stage and delivered a set that took all by surprise. The Pearl Harts played the kind of raw, gritty, sensual blues-rock that makes you want to get on board or get the hell out of the way.


Do your moms listen to your music?
Kirsty: Yeah they do, my parents are super supportive, my dad especially. I’ve been in bands for years and they’ve kind of progressively got heavier and heavier. My dad tries to come to all the London shows, he is a biker so he’s into it. Someone told me once if your parents don’t like your music you’re doing it right.

So we notice you don’t have a bass player what’s up with that?
Sara: There’s no bass player because Kirsty plays her guitar through a bass amp, so technically that makes her the bass player as well as the guitarist but I have a sample pad there’s a few electronics that kind of blend in to fill out the sound.

It’s just the two of you for now, ever thought of adding another member?
Kirsty: Maybe we will do a “Black Keys” one day but we’re not sure. I kind of don’t want to. Sara and I were in a band before with other members which we left because we just wanted to play together. We’re not going to rule it out if the band needs to progress then we will.

What do you prefer recording or playing live?
Sara: Live! Recording is not too bad but it’s quite clinical and with live you just do what you want.
Kirsty: Live always, recording is hard! A lot of our music and the way we sound especially live is just through energy.

Where do you do most of your songwriting? Alone? Together?
Sara: We do it together actually. I still have pictures of us writing Skeletons Made of Diamonds. We wrote it at Kirsty’s old flat that we used to call TPH headquarters.
Kirsty: We didn’t have a rehearsal space at the time. We like to write in rehearsal rooms but you get lost in the loudness of the guitars and drums. You don’t really sit down and go “is this a good song” so we took it out. We were like let’s get a guitar, plug it in, get the laptops out and record it into the laptop.

What was the first song you guys, as The Pearl Harts wrote and thought “We sound pretty good. We could make something out of this”?
Sara: Black Blood
Kirsty: I think it would definitely be Black Blood, it’s our most ‘Sabbath’ song. I’m heavily influenced by Tony Iommi and blues is really important to us. Black Blood came the easiest and the purest for us. It’s the one we have the most fun playing. It encompasses our sound, it’s is riff heavy, harmonies, it’s got some space where Sara does drums. It’s definitely the song!

How did you come up with the name The Pearl Harts?
Kirsty: Sara actually came up with the name. Pearl Hart was a woman in the wild west who was the first female train robber.
Sara: If you would have seen some of the shite we were coming up with for names. One was Mahogany Flame.

You can find The Pearl Harts at the following places:


Thanks to The Pearl Harts for being so damn cool and for giving us dirty blues music. Just what the world needs right now.


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