Unique Photo Exhibition with a Music Set

“A study of femininity in relation to season. Thoughts, actions and friendship. Haunting, beautiful and nostalgic. It has an expiration date, and you never want to get there.” – Cameron Pagett on his exhibition Girls and Summer


The exhibition Girls and Summer is no ordinary photo gallery, it functions as a musical set. The music and the photo show are tied together and have a symbiotic relationship. The intimacy portrayed in the pictures is all about youth and women in a changing cultural landscape.


Exhibition was premiered in Los Angeles at the end of 2016 and since it was a great success, there will be a second showing in February. For those in Europe, don’t get upset, there might be another appearance in Copenhagen Photo Festival. We asked Cameron Pagett, the one behind the camera, how this exhibition came to life: “Shot in Copenhagen and Los Angeles over the summer of 2016, I set out to reconcile visual experience with back story. Recognisable scenes and the truth behind the visual. It all goes on, and the memories fade away. It is not a collection of pictures with girls in bikinis. It is a representation of life, freedom, emotion and strength.”


The exhibition is meant to be a cultural exchange between Copenhagen and Los Angeles. Cameron also mentioned that it took almost 7 months to put it all together. Girls and Summer serves as an honest diary of girls in western culture with a set of music to represent it.


The second showing is on Friday evening, February 17th. For more information contact:


Facebook event


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