Monday Mixtape 002


Welcome to your Monday Mixtape compiled by us here at Bhindthelyrics. This week’s mixtape is stocked full of awesomeness to get you through the day. Once again we introduce you to some of our favorite bands at the moment. Southern from Belfast, with their country, Americana-influenced folk rock sound. Frank Fitts, a Lithuania-based band, playing some of the best grunge/punk rock we’ve heard in ages. Also bands from Ceres from Australia, Sol Gem straight out of South Africa and Seed to Tree – a folk influenced from Luxembourg.


Bleached • Sleepwalking
The Entrepreneurs • It Strikes Again, Love
Southern • Shout It
Tigercub • Control
Frank Fitts • Red
Wolfsome • Sugar
Seed to Tree • Until It Gets Better
Sol Gems • Standing With the Sun
Ceres • Laundry Echo
King No-One • Philosophical


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