The Bombpops drops ‘Fear of Missing Out’

The Bombpops Fear of Missing Out

The moment The Bombpops track CA in July came blasting through my earphones I knew I was in for one hell of a ride – I wasn’t wrong! Formed back in 2007, after releasing a couple EPs the SoCal punk quartet The Bombpops have just dropped their first official full-length album ‘Fear of Missing Out’ on Fat Wreck Chords. The album begins at a blistering pace that never once, over the course of it’s 12 songs, let it go. The album is solid, creative and urgent, all telltale signs of a promising punk band hitting their stride at the right time. Songs like Sweet for Sorrow and Be Sweet are testaments to the band’s ability to crank out some truly memorable punk rock tunes. To put it simply, this album is infectious, fresh and intoxicatingly fun. Highly recommended!

 Stand out tracks:

  • Sweet for Sorrow
  • Be Sweet
  • Marry. Fuck. Kill.
  • CA in July

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Official Site


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