Sóley’s New Single ‘Never Cry Moon’ is Magical

Never Cry Moon is a new single from Sóley‘s upcoming third studio album Endless Summer. We truly think it’s a magical song, we also know that it’s one of Sóley’s favourites. The album is set for release on May 5th via Morr Music.


Apparently, Sóley was in music school since her childhood as her dad is a music teacher. She was studying classical piano, and then jazz piano. Eventually, she went to the Art Academy in Iceland and studied music composition. Sóley mentioned in an interview with Art Wednesday that she enjoyed the experience in Art Academy and it was good to know the technique, but she wanted more creative freedom to improvise.

In 2006 she became part of the seven-piece Icelandic indie-folk band, Seabear. Signed to the same record label, Morr Music, the band have so far released two albums and an EP, on which Sóley predominantly provides piano and backing vocals. While the Endless Summer is on the way, Sóley already has two studio albums and three EPs in her solo career.

Sóley has also appeared on popular Lithuanian YouTube channel  Vilnius Temperature six months ago.

Sóley online:



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