“R³” – Cubed Rock Concert in Lithuania

Past two years were really exciting for Lithuanian alternative music scene. So many new bands have come out from the underground that made us feel the rock revival here. But not only the new bands made the effort, it’s also the old ones that raised their music to a higher standard. We’ve come to a time when Lithuanian rock quality can compete with foreigners.

R³ - Cubed Rock Concert in Lithuania

R³ concert is a great example of a high-quality rock event. Three most influential rock acts from Lithuania decided to join forces on one stage for the first time ever performance in a major arena. Freaks on Floor, Colours of Bubbles and ba. not only announced their collaboration but also raised a bar for younger generations of the alternative music scene to never underestimate their capabilities. All three bands are going to perform separately, doing their best and biggest performances of all time. There’s a rumour going around that they’re going to perform one collaborative song together but nothing has been confirmed yet.

So who are they and why is it worth seeing them live? First of all, let’s talk about Freaks on Floor. They’re playing for almost eleven years now and doing it really great. FOF have four albums and three M.A.M.A best rock act awards in their account. They were always independent, made it on their own by blending different rock styles together. Their latest album “Waves” was inspired by ’80s music, bands like “Led Zeppelin” or “Black Sabbath”. Their songs shift from slow to fast paced “waving” through different kind of mood settings but in general FOF music is funk rock driven, energetic and upbeat.

Colours of Bubbles also state that they like to experiment with various rock genres but the difference is that they have more country and western elements. COB even mentioned in a recent interview that their dream come true would be to create a soundtrack for a movie, so I guess their music naturally sounds more cinematically. These five guys from Šiauliai aren’t new to Lithuanian music scene either, they have been playing for over ten years now. Through those years, they have released two EPs, two albums which were critically acclaimed, also won various awards, including M.A.M.A best rock band of the year.

The last but not the least – ba., for whom I never lacked compliments. Their project inspired alternative music scene revival in Lithuania and not only alternative, it seems that punk and post-punk has waken up too. Even though ba. is the youngest band from all three and has less experience, it’s also the most perspective. ba. plays electro rock with some post-punk spices. Their latest two-sided EP “Garsiai Mąstau” is almost full album long and best quality release in their history. Ever since releasing it, front man Benas has started talking that ba. should be considered as a band, not a solo project. We respect that and really hope that band dynamics won’t change that much anymore.

So if you want to see the best of Lithuanian rock, buy tickets here and save the date for 29th of April.


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