Danish Rock Trio NELSON CAN Reveal ‘Move Forward’ Video

Danish trio Nelson Can are pleased to reveal the video for brand new single ‘Move Forward’.

Danish Rock Trio NELSON CAN Reveal ‘Move Forward_ Video

Commenting on the track, bassist Signe SigneSigne said: “It’s about that feeling when you just want to grab people by the shoulders and shake them and try to make them wake up to reality. There is so much shit going on out there but people are focusing on unimportant details and just move around in the same old circles, it’s so god damn frustrating. At the same time you don’t want to be one of those people constantly ranting about the world being a complete mess, so really we’re saying ‘Everybody, let’s come together and actually do something about this!’”

Danish Rock Trio NELSON CAN

The latest video effort from the band sees them running around in a forest in the USA quite literally moving forward…because, well, that’s what the track’s called, right? On creating the video, vocalist Selina Gin explains: “The video was filmed in one take far into the depths of a forest in Texas, and it was directed and shot by Signe (bass) from the trunk of our car, while Maria (drums) was driving and I was running around. DIY – no bullshit! “

The track is the latest to be taken from their forthcoming new EP on the Alcopop label later this year, with previous single ‘Miracle’.

Nelson Can are:

Selina Gin – vocals
Maria Juntunen – drums
Signe SigneSigne – bass

Nelson Can online:


See Nelson Can Live In Denmark:

11/12th August – Haven Festival, København
25th August – Walker Festival, Middelfart
6th October – Studenterhuset, Aalborg
13th October – Atlas, Aarhus
14th October – Posten, Odense
20th October – Pumpehuset, København


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