Frank Fitts Release Debut Album ‘You’re Lonely’

Here it came, our long-awaited Frank Fitts debut album. Released digitally on May 1st, 100 copies will also be available in cassette format. And that is not the only old-school thing about “You’re Lonely”, apparently it was recorded in an old-fashioned way of playing all the instruments together which just shows how professional these three guys are. Produced and recorded by Snorre Bergerud at Ymir Audio, the album has that raw and gritty sound of garage punk rock.

Our favourite track is definitely “Bryan Adams” but don’t limit yourself by choosing just one, this album is amazing from top to bottom offering you love, hope and even broccoli soup wrapped in the loneliness of almost 20-year-olds.

Frank Fitts Release Debut Album 'You're Lonely'

Frank Fitts is moving fast, last year they released their debut EP “Everything’s Fine”, which made everyone listen up to what they have to say since Lithuania haven’t heard such a promising punk rock band in a long time. We truly believe in these rebellious souls and wish them never ending inspiration to do what they do best. Rock on!


P.S. Today – Pelėda – release gig – you better be there!


Frank Fitts are:

Gintas Bagdonas – Guitar, vocals
Žygimantas Verba – Bass, vocals
Dominykas Babikas – Drums




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